Thursday, February 21, 2008

The First Step

Winging its way from snowy West Virginia....*

It's on its way to teabird! Let us know when you get it!

It was difficult, as I was writing, not to think of the people who would be reading the entry. When I write in my journal, my tone is much different than when I am writing for other people to read. I tend to wax pompous and dictatorial when I'm writing for other people, and that is because I tend to believe that I have fonts of marvelous information that everyone else MUST know.

I kept telling myself, write like you always do. Just write normally. Don't wig out.

I've tucked a postcard into the back of the notebook, a postcard that I first bought in Ithaca, NY, for a few cents. It's not old and it doesn't have anything paticularly fabulous about it, but it is important to me, for reasons even I don't know.

*Please, when the journal reaches you, let us know where you are (generally) so we have a vague idea of where it is going!

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