Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Say Hey!

I am very excited about this journal project. In a few days or weeks, I will be receiving the watercolor Moleskine notebook that will start this whole project. The person who originally conceived the idea, Hazel, will be sending it to me from the UK. Check out their co-blog at


The amount of people who joined the Journal Writers group and wanted to participate in the Traveling Journal Project surprised Hazel, and so she turned over the group and the project to the very capable AJ.


and your very bossy self, Genuine!

A few ideas and tips for the journal:

1. Don't stress out

Your handwriting isn't perfect. Your poetry is less than stellar. Your drawing tool of choice is a crayon. Don't stress out about it! The most important thing is to be yourself, and to communicate who you are! Whether that means that you include a magazine ad for Shav-O-Cream, or you do a full page watercolor, it doesn't matter. Just be you.

2. Pictures (or paper) can speak a thousand words

Do you have a local postcard you want to share with the others? A newspaper clipping? There's an holder (or should be!) in the back of the notebook. Stick it inside and send it on its way. Share your life through pictures, as well as words.

3. Have fun!

Maybe you have a quirky sense of humor. Share it with us! Including a party popper for the next person on the list could be fun! The important part is to have fun, and share it with the others.

The next post will be a little more boring, with a quick run-down of the facts and the rules, but for now, all I wanted to do was say hi!

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