Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rules, Regs, the Rundown

These rules were kindly compiled by our capable AJ! Thanks, AJ! Check out my notes in bold at the bottom for some more tips.

1. You may keep the Journal for a week, after which you must mail it to the next person.

2. You may fill up to 10 pages (that’s 5 pages front and back). Please don’t get greedy.

3. You can put whatever you want on the pages (drawings, paintings, etc.

4. Your entries can be about whatever you want, as long as it’s in semi-decent taste.

5. You can write in whatever your normal format is.

6. When you write, please put what your Ravelry screenname is so we can know that you’re not just some weirdo that robbed someone’s house and found it. (As you can see, I have an overactive imagination.)

My Notes:

1. Using Delivery Confirmation, a small slip you can get at your Post Office, costs around 40 cents and will help us to keep track of the journal through its travels. Just keep a hold of it, and the number on it---if you are shipping outside the US, there are other ways of tracking your package.

2. If you are late in mailing your package, flate rate Priority envelopes and boxes cost around $4.5o-$8. This will help to speed your package along if life has gotten you busy!

3. When you get the journal or you send the journal out, blog about it, either here, or on your blog---we want to make this fun!

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